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Blake Geoffrion

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Very sorry to see the John Buccigross tweet that Blake Geoffrion has retired from hockey. On November 9, 2012 during the owner’s lockout, he suffered a skull fracture in a game for the Hamilton Bulldogs. So glad he got to play for the Habs the previous season. Hope that he is able to recover from that injury (which combined with past concussions) to fully enjoy life and that he finds something else he enjoys as much as hockey.

At Lake Placid camps, he’d regularly get a teammate to pose with him and smile for the camera, but as soon as I’d take the shot, he’d go deadpan so teammate was left grinning by himself.

NOTE: Apparently the Buccigross tweet was incorrect, at least at this time. Per this tweet, Danny Geoffrion (Blake’s father) said that the decision had not been made and that the Habs were merely informed that Blake was considering retirement.

From Buccigross article following Danny Geoffrion’s denial:

“I love the game of hockey more than anything and this decision tears me up inside,” Geoffrion had told, “but we are talking about my brain. Not a knee or a shoulder. I want to have a family, have kids, play with them and a strong quality of life for another 60 or 70 years. These last three months of recovery have been hell. For two months I would sit in the shower for an hour with no lights on. My head was throbbing. The plate in my head is still sensitive. I’ve tried to put a hockey helmet on four or five times and I can’t even put that on yet.”


Written by Melissa Wade

March 13th, 2013 at 12:50 pm